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Gamefixissue V2 Download Page

From now, gamefixissue version 2 is available for download.

We have created this tool to help novice users or to help anybody that want to install mods or to have shortcuts like a bookmark on their desktop.

 Download 1 from google or Download 2 from mega

What this gamefixissue v2 tool contain?

Few tiny useful tools like the best free archiver and directx update, and soon more.

But we have top mods for Kingdom Come: Deliverance video game

Also shortcus for best products.

What is new to version 2:

Recently Added! Directx Offline and Gamepad Emulators

As about protection, we use Eset Internet Security 11 and MalwareBytes 3.3.1 and the software is clean!

How is looking like?

Here is an screenshot

Desktop shortcut and tool opened is like this:

Author: Edy Baciu. Updated today

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