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PC and Laptop Components Detector

If you want to have more frame rate in video games or maybe:

Your sound is not working proper, video games are laggy, freeze in youtube or games, wireless not working anymore, bluetooth driver issue or more, first download this software from here and then follow our guide.

Video Card detector Example

1. Select Video Adapter

2. If two names will pop out, choose first

3. Not in right panel, look for Video Card:

4. You see my video card name in picture ? Sapphire Radeon HD 7850

In video chipset also you can see from what series it is.

OK, now you need to download new updated driver!

If your card is Radeon, get driver from here, if is Nvidia GeForce from here and Intel HD Graphics from here.

Important NOTE! Video card driver is the most important driver and you need to know how to install it in PROPER way.

 See how PROPER install video driver 

Sound Card detector Example

1. Select Audio

2. Choose first row

3. Now look for High Definition Audio Codec:

4. My video card name is VIA VT1828S (yours should be ..realtek or something)

Download new audio driver to fix no sound issue

Choose your sound card name:

Realtek - Via - SoundMax - Creative Sound Blaster

 See more downloads and guides 

Download parts detector and guide how to update your drivers for games

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