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Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 215 65 R16 review

Hello and welcome to my review.

I bought these set of tyres for Hyundai Tucson 2006 GLS 2.7 Gasoline.

First year, after about 4000 km or 2485 miles under normal driving conditions, and even with brakes in narrow curves so as not to wear them.

The tyres was great on weat / dry roads

Great on snow!!

NOT too quiet tires. But is OK for this price and for grip on snow!


My chart about Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2

From 1 to 5 points. (5 is better)

Grip in wet / dry conditions = 5 points

Tyre Wear = 3 (after this year i will measure again)

Noise level = 2 points (noise is present at 50 - 60 km/h)

I will Buy Again Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 215 65 R16 ? Maybe

Why ? It depends about my pocket! I want something that have less noise

I will get these: Best winter tyres ever 

But if my pocket will be like last season, i will get these tyres back!

That is all. You need only these 3 things to know in my opinion.

And of course, like the majority of websites, i will place how many stars worth these tyres.

Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2

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Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2 215 65 R16 review - My opinion about these tyres after 4000 km or 2485 miles

Do you agreed with me or what?

Review Created by Edy Baciu today

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