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Nokian WR D3 XL 215/65 R16 102H review

These tyres are so good! I tell you that from start.

A friend, drove with those Nokian WR D3 XL tyres for 20.000 km or 12.427 and is very happy about these:

1. Grip on snow for Nokian WR D3 XL = 10 points

2. Grip on dry asphalt = 10 points

3. Grip on mud road = 9 points (this is not of road tire though)

4. Noise on snow for Nokian WR D3 XL = 10 points

5. Tyre noise on ashalt = 10 points

6. Grip on glazed frost / ice / icy road  = 10 points

7. Buy Back Nokian WR D3 XL?  = 10 points


After i ask some people, they said that are the best winter tyres ever!

And what is amazing?

These tires are with 50% cheaper than top rated tyres!!!

The user rating from my country:

What you say about ? Your opinion ?

Nokian WR D3 XL 215/65 R16 102H review - Tested by about 3 of my friends and other 20 people from my country, Nokian WR D3 XL after one season, Nokian WR D3 XL wear, Nokian WR D3 XL grip review, Nokian WR D3 XL noise test, Nokian WR D3 XL opinions

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Review Created by Edy Baciu today on: 2017-11-22

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