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You have problems from start of the game?

You don`t know how to open interior doors?

Then i will tell you how to do that!

1. First, just ignore the white lines

2. Look only at blue arrors

3. Be sure that all are one after another in same direction to door panel. (from top left to bottom right)

You got this?

If not, just look at the screenshot.


Tips for you?

The game is not survival, but is like one.

Gather anything is good stuff, be carefull with water, worm, cold, hungry etc.

Adjust game settings to low / medium if you have low fps issues.

UAYEB? This is the name? Yes, UAYEB is the name of the game dude!

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UAYEB How to unlock interior doors from - Screen Unlocking interior doors:

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Guide created by Edy Baciu today on: 2018-02-01

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