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Hello and welcome to our guide.

If you need second Seaglide Fragment, and you don`t have time to find it, i will show you where is located.

Look at the picture and you will find out quicly the location.

So, go to position where you have Life Pod 3 in your left, and those creepvine plants in right side.

Now, look down and you will see a container!

Open you scanner and scan that Seaglide Fragment.

Now go to your Lifepod 5 and build the very helpfully Seaglide machine.

With Seaglide, you can easily escape from dangerous situations.

Put the Seaglide on quick menu and use it!

Keep in mind that you will need battery, but is not hard to build batteries if you know where to find cooper ore.

We have cooper ore location guide also.

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Subnautica Tips or recommendations:

1st. Always look to improve air tank or any devices for more air!!

2st. Look for marine vehicles that will take you more faster (seaglide and ultra glide for example)

3st. Upgrade your costume!

Screenshot with Seaglide Fragment Location

Subnautica - Location of second Seaglide Fragment near Lifepod 3 (capsule 3)

Comments / Discussions for all Subnautica players!

You din`t find it?

You do not understand where is this location?

Use this comment system my friend!

Guide created by Edy Baciu today on: 2018-02-01

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