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Kingdom Come: Deliverance No Fight!

If you do not want to fight with Kunesh, then it is another way to do that.

Do you need these from Kunesh:

Axe, Nails and Hammer right?

Right, now obiously go to Kunesh and talk with him:

You: Pay for the tools at least!!

Kunesh says: I told you i have no coin, you bastard! Get the hell our of here, or i`ll use the axe on you!

You: You can expect a visit from my Father!

Now just go behing him, press C to crouch and press E to know him out.

Loot him, get the keys and anything from him then go inside and get the nails and hammer from his chest.


Sell his clothes, nails, axe and hammer and buy 10 charcoal from the trader.

Here is the screenshot

Quest Details:

Name: Unexpected Visit

To do: Collect the dept from Kunesh

Kingdom Come: Deliverance No Fight! How to get axe hammer and nails from Kunesh without fight

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Guide created by Edy Baciu today on: 2018-02-14

Tags: get nails, get hammer and nails, how to obtain, kunesh quest, KCD kunesh mission, Kingdom Come: Deliverance kunesh tools

How to get axe hammer and nails from Kunesh without fight

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