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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Nightingale

Do you want to complete quest called: Current objective - Join Nightingale on patrol between 11:00 and 19:00?

I have to go with Nightingale on patrol. He`ll be waiting for me by the church in the afternoon.

You wondering why Nightingale is not there? Or if is there will keep saying that is not the right time or someting like that?

Actualy it can says this:

This isn`t a good time lad. You`ll find me tomorrow afternoon by the church, the lower one.

Then you need to be there by the church area between 11 and 19! So, sleep if you need or use T to pass few hours and stay in the from at church entrance and it will came there.


Here is the screenshot with my time. The time now is approximate 9:45

Set the time to 10 to have enought time to be there.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Nightingale patrol objective! How to find and complete Join Nightingale on patrol quest

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Guide created by Edy Baciu today on: 2018-02-15

Tags: nightingale location, nightingale patrol, nightingale not find, cannot complete nightingale patrol, KCD nightingale quest, Kingdom Come: Deliverance nightingale solution, patrol mission fix

How to find Nightingale to finish patrol quest

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