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Ideas how to attack and kill bandits

Bandits camp in the vecinity of Rattay are hard to kill?

Then we can teach some tricks that will help you to kill camp leader or all band.

First way that we recommend is:

Method 1: (Clever and risky)

Go in the day time near camp riding on the horse! It is very important to be riding on the horse!!

Now, lure the bandits one by one out from the camp.

Use your horse to run and to hit them from time to time.

Also you can use bow with good arrows.


Method 2: (Stealth)

Go in night time and sneak in the camp.

First be sure that you don`t make any noise and you visibility is lowest as you can

Here is my Kingdom Come: Deliverance stats for stealth

Now, you have only 2 bandits that guarding the camp on night time.

Those two

It is your decision what to do next! you can kill only the camp leader by using Knock Out using F, then after is unconscious, press and hold F to kii him and run!

Bandit Camp Leader is sleeping during the night.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

See image


Stealth yourself behind the bandits, and wait for them to go piss and Knock them out one by one.

That`s it.

And for the rest of the bandit camps, we choose to go clever and risky because the stealth is not so attractive for me. (in this Kingdom Come: Deliverance game only)

Also, if you like stealth, learn Stealth skills from mill thiefs. Do the quests for Theresa uncle.

Also you can sell stolen goods to that thief that throwing away the ring..forgot his name.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Some ideas how to attack and kill bandits camp leader in the vecinity of Rattay

Guide created by Edy Baciu today on: 2018-02-17

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How to attack and kill bandits camp leader in the vecinity of Rattay

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