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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Ginger location

Quest is called Ginger in a Pickle and you have to find Ginger, the stable boy. Attention! Big Spoiler! we show you the exact ginger`s hut location on map.

The easyest way to find him is to know exactly where is it right?

Here is the Ginger`s hut (see image)

I`m not so sure that you can go directly and finish the quest part...

But, if you can`t do that, we can show you how to find the location from charcoal-burner


Step by Step guide

1. Go to first charcoal-burners location that you alread have marked on map by game.

Speak with that charcoal-burner which is like a sort of boss, and he will tell you next charcoal-burner location

2. Second charcoal-burner location is the KEY!!

Choose option: Henry answer: Alright, how much do you want for it?

Do not choose How about a few days in the stocks? because will turn wrong for you.

Pay the money to that charcoal-burner which will tell you that charcoal-burner twins are know exactly where is Ginger because they give Ginger food.

3. Speak with charcoal-burner twin and told him that you can kill bandits

charcoal-burner twin image

Kill the bandit, or lie that you already deal with them and go to the hut.

The Ginger`s hut location will be available after you kill the bandits, and tell that to Charcoal-burner twin

Here is the Ginger`s hut look like

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Ginger location on map - Charcoal-burner twin told us Ginger`s hut location

Guide created by Edy Baciu today on: 2018-02-18

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Charcoal-burner twin told us Ginger`s hut location

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