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Kingdom Come: Deliverance deer meat - venison

You don`t need only to know the best place for hunting deer! You also need to know how to hunt better and easier.

Of course, some hunting skills are great but you can hunt deer without high hunting skills.

Also this quest is helpful to earn some extra money but keep in mind this:

Deer hunt is prohibited so you violate the laws and you are an Poacher!

You know you can be arrested if he gets you!

First, go to hunting area (see image)

But, to easy hunt a deer, use hunting equipment or un-equip your noisy armours and equip with some with low visibily and noise.


Quest details:

Delicacies - Andrew the innkeeper buys game.

Hunting ins`t exacly legal, but that`s why there`s plenty of coin in it!

Best place to get deer meat for Andrew - Bring roe deer mear to the innkeeper - Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the Best RPG from Gothic 3 and Skyrim to present days!!

Guide created by Edy Baciu today on: 2018-02-20

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